C2P Begins Its Makeover!

Compliance Knowledge Management Platform Helps Speed Up Decision Making Process

Compliance & Risks is delighted to announce the release of “New C2P”, its improved compliance knowledge management platform. This release marks the beginning of a major revamp of the product, where users will see updates on a 3-week cycle, with each modification focusing on the objective of making compliance jobs easier.  Already major changes have been made to the architecture of the product to facilitate speedy, user-validated improvements.

In this release, when clicking on an email alert, C2P users will be taken directly to the “New C2P” page, where they can immediately see if the alert is relevant to their company or not.

As part of this release, users can now:

  • See all of the Products, Regulatory Topics, and Chemicals & Substances that relate to the document;

  • Preview the relevant attachment within the page by clicking the green “Preview” button; and

  • View New C2P on mobile devices.

Commenting on the release, James Kehoe, C2P Product Manager at Compliance & Risks said, “In response to valuable feedback from our clients, C2P is going through considerable development as the platform becomes more powerful in anticipating our users’ needs.”

“I believe these changes will ensure C2P is an even more integral part of our clients’ operations, and will continue to support the development of effective compliance processes.”


If you have any questions in relation to “New C2P”, please email n.shanahan@complianceandrisks.com.  Alternatively, why not sign up for a 30 day free trial of C2P, and experience the changes yourself?!


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