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20 February 2018

Colombia Approves WEEE Decree

Colombia has approved a Decree aiming to to prevent and reduce the adverse consequences of the disposal of waste of electrical and electronic products (WEEE) on the environment. This Decree establishes a system for the […]

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19 February 2018

Companies Reported for Failure to Comply with Chemicals Legislation

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has published a report confirming that it has forwarded the details of 16 companies to prosecutors for failing to comply with Swedish chemical controls. The report focuses on a review of […]

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12 February 2018

Global Growth of Regulations by Region

Here at Compliance & Risks we track new and changing regulations around the world for our clients. This Global Growth of Regulations Chart, generated from C2P, the compliance knowledge management platform, shows the growth of […]

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5 February 2018

EU: ECHA Proposes Seven Substances for Authorisation

Seven substances of very high concern (SVHCs) are recommended to be added to the REACH Authorisation List. They have been prioritized from the Candidate List because of their intrinsic properties in combination with high volume […]

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26 January 2018

Singapore proposes Hazardous Substances Licence requirement for 18 types of HFCs

Singapore is proposing to implement a licensing requirement for 18 types of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in preparation for the country’s ratification of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. In a notification published by the World […]

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19 January 2018

UAE Announces New Energy Efficiency Requirements for Electric Pumps

The project is related to enacting an Energy Efficiency Regulation for Electric Pumps. The aim of the regulation is the setting of minimum energy efficiency standards for electric pumps in order to achieve an energy […]

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