India: Clarification on Compliance with the Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order 2012, Circular, September 2013

In force (since Sep 12, 2013)

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Customs Product Safety

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"For the purpose of exemption of Highly Specialized Equipment (HSE) as notified vide Circular 01 of 2013 (F. No. 37(2)/2013 IPHW dated 29.05.2013), or items manufactured or imported for the purpose of demonstration, research and development or testing as notified vide "Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Amendment Order, 2013" or for the purpose of any such items that may be exempted under provisions of Order F No. 37(1)/2013-IPHW dated 11 Sept. 2013 by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity), the DeitY may issue "Exemption Orders" which may be restricted for specific quantities, to the applicant manufacturers or their Indian Representatives, as the case may be after satisfying itself if any equipment would qualify for exemption as per the notified provisions".

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