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Ecodesign & Energy Labelling – State of Play and Future Compliance in the European Union

With the launch of the Circular Economy Package, ecodesign and energy labelling is at the forefront of many people’s mind. The EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC is currently the EU Commission’s answer to the worldwide demand for more efficient products by requiring manufacturers to use intelligent environmentally friendly design in their products and in turn lower energy consumption levels. It is implemented through various regulations and also a number of industry voluntary agreements.

Traditionally legislation has targeted the energy efficiency of products however this is an area that is constantly evolving to keep up to date with technological advancement. With circular economy thinking, the design phase of the product looks at reparability, durability, upgradability, recyclability, and the materials or substances in the product. The review of the existing regulations means that these new aspects of ecodesign could be regulated making circular design a business reality for manufacturers.

To help you navigate this maze of requirements, Compliance & Risks provides you with the following white paper. For more information on this topic check out our webinar: EU Ecodesign & Energy Labeling: What’s New And Of Note


Author bio: 

Michelle Walsh is a Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist working at Compliance & Risks for the last 9 years. Michelle is an Irish qualified solicitor and is currently living in Brussels, Belgium where she is close to the heart of developments in the EU Commission and the EU Parliament. Michelle completed both her bachelor of law degree (BCL) and a higher diploma in business finance & information systems (HDipBFIS) at University College Cork, Ireland. She qualified as a solicitor in 2007 at the Law Society of Ireland. Before joining Compliance & Risks, Michelle worked as a commercial and residential conveyancing solicitor and as an account manager.

Michelle is responsible for researching, reviewing, tracking, summarizing, analyzing and assessing global environmental and product regulations as well as providing reliable regulatory updates and answering client queries. Her specialty areas are energy efficiency, ecodesign, ecolabelling, waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE) and the transboundary movement of hazardous waste.

Published: November 2017

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