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  • C2P Compliance Knowledge Management Platform

    Optimizing the Regulatory Compliance Process

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    What is C2P?

    C2P is a purpose-built platform housing regulations and standards ‘live-linked’ to product requirements. C2P offers you a single source for all your compliance management, making it easier than ever to manage your regulatory process and preserve corporate memory all in one place.

    With 39 regulatory topics monitored across over 200 countries, C2P enables you to effectively manage the regulations, standards and requirements that impact your products in your markets. With C2P’s efficient workflows and alert tools, you are safe in the knowledge that regulations and standards are tracked, responsibilities are allocated and actioned, and requirements are kept up to date.

    Regulations Management
    • Global daily monitoring with access to 60,000 in force and pending regulations and documents
    • Tailored email alerts with advanced warning of proposed regulations and changes
    • Effective dashboards and reporting tools
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    Standards Management
    • Single search for regulations and standards
    • Contextual linking to regulations
    • Searchable versions & equivalences of standards
    • Impact assessment tools
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    Requirements Management
    • Capture, analyze and manage all requirements
    • Build customized sets of requirements covering your products and countries
    • ‘Live’ links to regulations & standards
    • Intelligent search
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    What are the Benefits?

    Improved productivity and efficiency

    A single source for all your compliance knowledge management

    Faster product-to-market timelines

    Quickly determine existing market requirements and identify new markets for which you are already compliant

    Preserve corporate memory

    One system for all compliance knowledge

    Supporting compliance teams

    Access to our global regulatory compliance experts and knowledge partners

    Reduced risk of non-compliance issues

    Fines and penalties, recalls, reputational damage, and delayed or failed shipments

    Enhanced brand protection

    Confidence in knowing your brands are compliant

    Want to find out how C2P can optimize your compliance process?