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QA Engineer

Reports to: Software Development Manager

Location: Cork, Ireland

Date Posted: 15 March, 2019


Compliance & Risks is looking for a technically-minded and passionate QA engineer to maintain high standards of quality and carry out rigorous testing of our flagship product C2P (Compliance to Product).

Key Responsibilities:

Maintain Technical Excellence

  • Work with Software Development Manager and the team to understand the application features
  • Work with team members to troubleshoot and identify defects
  • Perform manual scripted and exploratory testing
  • Participate in and contribute your input to Scrum ceremonies
  • Monitor and anticipate changes to determine risk of software defects
  • Continually work to improve testing processes
  • Learn and use source control (SVN), issue tracking (JIRA), and collaboration (Google Apps) tools adopted by the team and the company

Great Teamwork

  • Value interactions with your team members over documentation and process
  • Follow conventions of the team
  • Be compassionate and helpful to your teammates
  • Meet your deliverables
  • Ask for help when you are stuck

Prior Experience and Qualifications:

  • Programming experience is an advantage
  • Knowledge of Agile preferable Scrum methodologies
  • 4+ years experience in a similar role in a dynamic Agile team
  • Great communication skills, you enjoy the dynamic between developer and tester to bring a solution through its lifecycle
  • Comfortable querying SQL databases, navigating Linux file system, executing deployment scripts
  • Intimately familiar with browser debugging features to help isolate and troubleshoot issues
  • Experience in SaaS multi-tenanted systems
  • You are adaptable and respond easily to fast-paced change

Additional Information:

  • You will be joining a partially remote development team based in Northern California and Ireland. Your working day will sometimes stretch to 7pm to ensure daily real-time communication with your teammates
  • We focus on delivering business value by practicing Agile development principles – frequent delivery, rapid feedback from users and analytics, valuing failures for learning opportunities they bring, transparency in decision-making and minimal tolerance for politics
  • We strive for technical excellence by keeping technical debt under control, maintaining a fully functioning continuous delivery pipeline, a suite of unit and acceptance tests and an automated one-button deployment

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