Regulatory Analyst with Knowledge of Cybersecurity Regulation

Reports to: Global Regulatory Compliance Team Manager

Location: Cork, Ireland

Date Posted: 29th November, 2019


As a Regulatory Analyst, with knowledge of Cybersecurity Regulation you will be working as part of our Global Regulatory Compliance Team (GRCT). The GRCT is responsible for monitoring global regulatory developments, both enacted and proposed, as well as supporting information, such as guidance documents, across a wide range of topics, from product safety to WEEE, RoHS, occupational health & safety and many more.

The main responsibilities of the Regulatory Analyst include monitoring regulatory developments globally and entering the information into C2P, our compliance knowledge management platform, in a structured format, providing an overview of the regulatory information and identifying key details such as when the measure enters into force & upcoming compliance deadlines.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Monitoring regulatory developments for specified countries
  • Owning, maintaining and enhancing ‘Monitoring Issues’ for specified countries, ensuring sources of regulatory information & any additional useful information to aid monitoring is recorded and current
  • Utilizing automatic monitoring tools to maximize the efficient and prompt capture of regulatory information

Entry of Regulatory Information into C2P

  • Entering regulatory and supporting sources into C2P in line with established data entry conventions
  • Ensuring all information uploaded is accurate & exhibits a keen attention to detail
  • Drafting of clear, well written, accurate summaries on key details in text, underpinned with an appreciation of clients’ needs
  • Addition of regulatory updates concerning regulatory developments to C2P


  • Conducting research on assigned tasks such as researching new areas of coverage being expanded into or client specific projects

Database Content

  • Possess a knowledge and understanding of all areas of coverage in the C2P database

Process Improvements

  • Actively engaging in ongoing changes to GRCT processes in order to improve team efficiency as well as pro-actively contributing ideas and suggestions for improvement

Prior Experience and Qualifications:

  • Degree in Law. Postgraduate or Masters in Law desirable. Other degrees may be considered if the candidate has strong research & writing skills
  • Experienced researcher
  • Proficient in the use of computers
  • Language skills desirable but not essential
  • Knowledgeable on Global Cybersecurity Regulation, in particular how the legislation applies to ICT products and services

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