Regulatory and Requirements Analyst with Knowledge of Chemical Regulations

Reports to: Global Regulatory and Requirements Team Manager

Location: Remote / Office (Cork, Ireland)

Date Posted: 16th September, 2020


As a Regulatory & Requirements Analyst with knowledge of chemical regulations you will be working as part of our Global Regulatory & Requirements Compliance Team (GRCT). The GRCT is responsible for monitoring global regulatory & requirements developments, both enacted and proposed, as well as supporting information, such as guidance documents, across a wide range of topics, from product safety to WEEE, RoHS, occupational health & safety and many more.

The main responsibilities of the Regulatory & Requirements Analyst with knowledge of chemical regulations include monitoring regulatory & requirements developments globally and entering the information into C2P, our compliance knowledge management platform, in a structured format, providing an overview of the regulatory information and identifying key details such as when the measure enters into force & upcoming compliance deadlines.

Requirements (extracted from Regulations and Standards) are entered into the Requirements Management Platform (a part of C2P) in response to business & client needs.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Monitor regulatory developments for specified countries
  • Specifically research, monitor, and maintain global regulatory requirements that are set out in Regulations and Standards in C2P on a wide range of topics that are live-linked to Regulations, Standards and all other requirements, allowing for easy revisions and tracking
  • Own, maintain and enhance ‘Monitoring Issues’ for specified countries, ensuring sources of regulatory information & any additional useful information to aid monitoring is recorded and current
  • Utilize automatic monitoring tools to maximize the efficient and prompt capture of regulatory information

Entry of Regulatory Information into C2P & Requirements Platform

  • Enter regulatory and supporting sources into C2P in line with established data entry conventions
  • Ensure all information uploaded is accurate & exhibits a keen attention to detail
  • For Regulations, drafting of clear, well written, accurate summaries on key details in text, underpinned with an appreciation of clients’ needs
  • Addition of regulatory updates concerning regulatory developments to C2P
  • Review of daily email alerts via C2P on regulatory changes to existing Regulations and Standards to determine if new Requirements need to be added or existing Requirements should be updated
  • Monitor regulatory developments for specified countries and product groups/categories via Regulatory Update and Expert Comments received via C2P alerts, ‘watching’ various C2P Projects as well as various other online monitoring tools
  • Ensure a comprehensive and reliable bank of sources of regulatory information is built up and maintained to ensure effective and optimal monitoring for responsible countries and product groups/categories


  • Conduct research on assigned tasks such as researching new areas of coverage being expanded into or client specific projects
  • Utilize a wide variety of research databases and online resources

Database Content

  • Possess a knowledge and understanding of all areas of coverage in C2P and the Requirements platform

Process Improvements

  • Work with your team manager in identifying potential improvements / changes to the C2P or Requirements platform
  • Add value to the development of quality control processes to ensure the accuracy, comprehensivity and reliability of the information
  • Actively engage in ongoing changes to the team’s processes in order to improve team efficiency as well as pro-actively contributing ideas and suggestions for improvement. This will involve active participation in establishment and maintenance of monitoring procedures and data entry conventions for the team

Prior Experience and Qualifications:

  • Degree in Law. Postgraduate or Masters in Law desirable. Other degrees (such as Science / Chemistry / Electronic Engineering) may be considered if the candidate has strong research, writing and language skills
  • Experienced researcher
  • Knowledge of global chemical regulations such as REACH, RoHS, POPs and other similar legislation– including understanding of technical requirements and exemptions applicable to chemical substances in products
  • Knowledge and understanding of types of substances and materials used in manufacture of products
  • Knowledge of other environmental/product compliance regulations desirable
  • Proficient in the use of computers
  • Language skills preferred, but not essential
  • The successful candidate will be a hard working, self-motivated, strong communicator with good problem solving skills, initiative and attention to detail

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