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  • Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist

    Job Title: Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist (Full Time)

    Location: Ireland Home/Office Flexible

    About Us:

    Compliance & Risks is the leading provider of market access and product compliance SaaS solutions and is recognized as the leading end-to-end global product compliance solution provider across the technology, consumer goods and retail, industrial goods and life sciences sectors. The company’s market leading SaaS platform, C2P, enables uninterrupted market access for enterprises selling products globally by monitoring and managing key product requirements, regulations and standards in their chosen markets. The C2P platform provides the world’s most comprehensive database of legislative information, insights and actions, linked to product workflows, to help clients bring products to markets faster with lower risk and ensure ongoing compliance.

    The company serves over 220+ global enterprise customers including: GE, Google, Nike, Amazon, Ikea, Bose, Tesla, Vaillant, Unisys, Samsung and Fujitsu.


    As a Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist you will be working as part of our Global Regulatory Compliance Team (GRCT). The GRCT is responsible for monitoring global regulatory developments, both enacted and proposed, as well as supporting information, such as guidance documents, on a wide range of topics, from product safety to environmental to occupational health & safety and inputting this information into our online database ‘C2P’ (Compliance to Product) in a structured format, providing an overview of the regulatory information.

    The main responsibility of the Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist (SRCS) is to review content entered into the C2P database by other team members and, once reviewed, release the content to C&R’s clients. It is the SRCS’s responsibility to ensure that information entered into the database and released is accurate, correct, aligned with conventions and of a consistently high quality. 

    Additionally, the SRCS will be responsible for a number of specific content areas in C2P, possessing a deep understanding of the content and the ability to answer queries from team members, salespeople, clients etc. arising in their specialised areas. The SRCS will continually strive to develop their knowledge and profile with regard to their content areas by attending webinars & conferences, preparing white papers and, possibly, presenting webinars and at conferences.

    The SRCS will be responsible for answering client queries which come in through C&R’s ‘Ask Our Experts’ function, responding directly to client queries on global regulatory information. The SRCS will also be involved in working on specialized projects for clients when the opportunities arise.



    • Monitor regulatory developments for specified countries;
    • Ensure a comprehensive & reliable bank of sources of regulatory information is built up & maintained to ensure effective and optimal monitoring;
    • Own and maintain ‘Monitoring Issues’ for specified countries, ensuring sources of regulatory information & any useful information to aid monitoring is recorded and current;
    • Utilise automatic monitoring tools to maximise the efficient and prompt capture of regulatory information.

    C2P Database Content

    • Review sources and regulatory updates added to C2P, ensuring they are accurate, correct, in line with conventions and of a consistently high quality;
    • Assign edits tasks to team members to make corrections and amendments to sources where this is required;
    • Ensure all database content released to C&R’s clients meets the high standards of the GRCT;
    • Add regulatory updates and expert commentary on global regulatory developments of importance and interest to clients;
    • Work with other SRCSs to ensure an aligned and consistent approach to reviewing; 


    • Conduct  research  in the field of global regulations and standards, taking on more complex and technical research tasks;
    • Conduct research in response to client queries which come through our “Ask Our Experts” function;
    • Research and prepare specialised reports for clients.

    Content Areas

    • Possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of all areas of coverage in the C2P database;
    • Be the go-to person for a number of specific content areas in C2P;
    • Maintain the Content Boundary Documents for your responsible areas;
    • Provide guidance & answer queries on your specialised areas both to within the team and externally e.g. the sales team & clients. 
    • Continually deepen and develop your knowledge of your responsible content areas by reading, attending webinars & conferences and writing on the areas. 

    Process Improvements

    • Actively engaging in ongoing changes to GRCT processes in order to improve team efficiency as well as pro-actively contributing ideas and suggestions for improvement.


    • Degree, at a minimum, preferably Law. Postgraduate or Masters in Law desirable; 
    • Two to three years experience in a law firm, in-house or related industry.
    • Experienced researcher;  
    • Regulatory experience;
    • Industry experience;
    • Language skills an advantage – but not essential 
    • Proficient in the use of computers;

    Our Values:

    All employees should continually promote legacy of Company Culture through demonstrating its values – 1. Trust 2. Respect 3. Winning Together 4. Innovation

    Compliance & Risks is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

    All applicants must apply using this link.