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EU Publishes Ecodesign and Energy Labeling Compliance Standards

energy_efficiency_regulationsThe EU Commission recently published a list of standards relating to compliance with Energy Labeling Regulation (EU) 2015/1094 and Ecodesign Regulation 2015/1095. These are both for use in professional refrigerated storage cabinets and other related products. The four standards listed are:

  1. Process chillers: Transitional method for determination of the SEPR (seasonal energy performance ratio) for process chillers (June 2016 version, which is available here). It is important to note that this transitional method will ultimately be replaced by the new version (under development) of EN 14825)
  2. Professional refrigerated storage cabinets: Standard EN 16825 -Refrigerated storage cabinets and counters for professional use (Classification, requirements and test condition)
  3. Condensing units: Draft Standard prEN 13215:2015 – Condensing units for refrigeration (Rating conditions, tolerances and presentation of manufacturer’s performance data)
  4. Blast cabinets: Draft Standards prEN 17032 – Blast chillers and freezers cabinets for professional use (Classification, requirements and test conditions)

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