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Expert Briefing: REACH & RoHS – Compliance Essentials for Product Makers & Suppliers

london-530055Compliance & Risks and Edif ERA are delighted to announce a face-to-face regulatory briefing on “REACH & RoHS – Compliance Essentials  for Product Makers  & Suppliers“. This event will take place on Tuesday May 16th, from 12.30 to 2pm, at ADS, London.

The legislative giants that are EU REACH and RoHS constantly provide new challenges for businesses affected by them.  If you’re involved in manufacturing, importing and/or distributing finished products in sectors such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods or healthcare, then don’t miss this event.

This expert briefing will:

  • Put REACH and RoHS in context, explaining what requirements are key if you’re a product maker or supplier based in the EU
  • Address the wider regulatory landscape – China RoHS, TSCA, California Proposition 65, etc.
  • Discuss how to determine and report on the presence of REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in your products and the impact on obsolescence
  • Look at approaches to EU RoHS compliance
  • Consider RoHS exemptions and what makes a robust case for an exemption
  • Provide time for your questions

Regulatory compliance is imperative for market access, not to mention the avoidance of costly recalls and brand damage. Our experts will offer practical tips and guidance to help you navigate the issues.

£15 (includes a light lunch)  Limited number of spaces available.

Click here to book or here for more information.

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