France Publishes Law on Electromagnetic Waves

The French Journal Officiel has published a law aiming to protect the general public from excessive electromagnetic waves generated by technologies relying on radio frequencies. These include base stations, mobile phones, tablets, and WiFi.  The National Agency for Health, Food, Environmental and Work Safety is mandated to periodically evaluate the potential risks and consequences of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

This law also bans advertising which targets children under 14 and bans Wi-Fi in all establishments which provide care, resting and general activities for children under 3. Additionally, in order to reduce exposure to radio frequency radiation, manufacturers or sellers of cell phones are required to mention the use of hand-free kits, clearly and legibly in their advertisements. Finally, regarding persons suffering from electro-hypersensitivity, the government under article 8, will have to submit a report to the Parliament on the issue within a year from the promulgation of this law.

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