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IoT/Wireless and the World of Regulatory Compliance

As the concept of IoT evolves, we are increasingly seeing innovative and exciting applications affecting the way we live our lives, as well as the enhancement of ‘smart’ factories with Industry 4.0. And as IoT continues to grow, so too does the legislation affecting this area.  At Compliance & Risks we have seen a 40% increase in the growth of IoT/Wireless regulations in the past two years alone.

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In response to growing client demand, Compliance & Risks is delighted to launch comprehensive coverage of IoT/wireless content via C2P, the compliance knowledge management platform. Users can now access the latest global proposed, enacted and amended regulations, and guidance documents concerning radio and wireless.

Commenting on the launch Joe Skulski, Compliance & Risks CEO said, “IoT is beginning to change our lives in incredible ways; from ‘smart’ factories to ‘smart’ homes.  We’re delighted to offer comprehensive coverage for this hot regulatory area to support our clients’ needs in bringing pioneering, compliant products to market.”

Access to this content helps companies to  better understand and manage the impact of regulations on topics such as:

  • declaring/certifying conformity
  • marking/labeling
  • testing
  • registration
  • permits/licenses/approvals
  • reporting

This is an area that is seeing a vast amount of change, from developments with the EU’s Radio Equipment, Directive (RED) to China’s Rules on Management of Micro-Power Radio Transmission Equipment and the IEEE Standard for Information technology.


Sample Alert:

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As with all regulatory intelligence delivered via C2P, users will continue to:

  • Save time with email alerts notifying you of new and changing IoT/wireless regulations
  • Get premier access to our compliance experts and global knowledge partner network
  • Increase productivity with one central repository to store information and manage workflow
  • Be confident that their team is up-to-date
  • Get peace of mind with a clear understanding of your global compliance obligations

For further information on how you can benefit from this IoT/wireless intelligence, email info@complianceandrisks.com or sign up for our webinar ‘What’s Hot for IoT in 2017 & Beyond? The iNEMI Roadmap’?