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EU: A Longer Lifetime for Products - Benefits for Consumers and Companies, Resolution, July 2017

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Main Subjects
Consumer Protection Ecodesign Electronic waste / E-waste / WEEE Energy Efficiency Waste

Official Title
A longer lifetime for products: benefits for consumers and companies European Parliament resolution of 4 July 2017 on a longer lifetime for products: benefits for consumers and companies (2016/2272(INI))

Extracted Summary
"Designing robust, durable and high-quality products
1. Calls on the Commission to encourage, where practicable, the establishment of minimum resistance criteria covering, inter alia, robustness, repairability and upgradeability for each product category from the design stage onwards, facilitated by standards developed by all three European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs) (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI);

2. Stresses that a balance must be struck between the extension of product lifetimes, the conversion of waste into resources (secondary raw materials), industrial symbiosis, innovation, consumer demand, environmental protection and growth policy in all the phases of the product cycle, and considers that the development of increasingly resource-efficient products must not encourage short lifetimes or the premature disposal
of products;

3. Points out that issues such as product durability, extended warranties, the availability of spare parts, ease of repair and the interchangeability of components should be part of a manufacturer’s commercial offer in meeting the various needs, expectations and preferences of consumers, and are an important aspect of free market competition;

4. Notes the role of commercial strategies, such as product leasing, in the design of durable products, whereby leasing firms retain ownership of the leased units and have an incentive to remarket products and to invest in designing more durable products, resulting in a lower volume of new production and disposal products;...."

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