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EU: Textiles - Burning Behaviour of Childrens Nightwear - Specification, Standard EN 14878, 2007

In force (published on Jul 31, 2007)

Main Subjects
Children Clothing / Textiles Product Safety

Official Title
BS EN 14878:2007 Textiles - Burning behaviour of childrens nightwear - Specification

Extracted Summary
"The aim of this European Standard is to define a harmonised procedure for the specification of children's nightwear or fabrics intended for children's nightwear to their burning behaviour.

Within the scope of this specification it is not possible to cover all the potential hazards that may create an unsafe garment; conversely , indefinable specific hazards in certain styles/design of garment may not present a risk. It is therefore recommended that an individual risk assessment is carried out on any garment in order to ensure that it does not present a hazard to the wearer and can therefore be deemed to be a 'safe' garment. This included the use of applied flame retardant treatments. Durability of such treatments has yet been established."

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