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Oregon (USA): Electronic Product Recycling Law, House Bill 2626 Enacted, 2007

In force (since Jun 07, 2007)

Also known as
HB 2626
Chapter 302 of Laws of 2007; Oregon Revised Statutes Sections 459A.300-.365
Oregon WEEE

Main Subjects
Electronic waste / E-waste / WEEE Waste

Official Title
A Bill for an Act Relating to recycling of electronic devices; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 459.247 and 459.995.

Extracted Summary
"The Legislative Assembly finds that:
(1) It is necessary to encourage the design of electronic devices that are more resource-efficient, more recyclable and less environmentally toxic;
(2) The development and availability of a statewide system that conveniently serves both urban and rural areas of Oregon for the collection, transportation and recycling of electronic devices is in the best interest of the state; and
(3) A statewide collection, transportation and recycling system should be financed by the manufacturers of those electronic devices."

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