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  • Regulations Management

    Take control of the increasing legislative burden

    We know the challenges our clients face in dealing with the ever-increasing volume of regulations across the globe. We support compliance departments by helping them effectively deal with this expanding regulatory burden – saving time and resources.

    Regulations by region 2020

    Get daily compliance email alerts delivered via C2P, our compliance knowledge management platform. Meet your responsibilities while completing your work sooner, better and faster. Manage the impact of mandatory regulations, standards and voluntary requirements on your products and organization.

    Timely & Critical Information

    Avoid rummaging through cluttered information sources, and instead get tailored alerts delivered to your inbox, with exactly what you need to know for product, environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance, and voluntary initiatives.

    Get peace of mind with a clear understanding of your compliance obligations delivered via our structured content platform C2P, including:

    • What products are in scope, not in scope, and exempt
    • Key dates by topic and region
    • Requirement types, e.g. marking and labeling, testing, reporting
    • Live links to related laws and other documents
    • Materials and Substances in scope, e.g. specific chemicals like cadmium and BPA

    And stay up-to-date with targeted news and analysis from experts around the globe.

    UAE RoHS Regulation

    Avoid Re-work
    Clients can centralize their organization’s assessments and conclusions about newly proposed requirements in C2P so that the knowledge and required actions are captured to avoid re-work and confusion.

    Fighting Complexity One Step at a Time

    Our clients start with the simplest assessment of relevance (yes, no, maybe). Many adopt good practices such as requiring a recorded explanation as to why sometimes no action is required even if a new requirement is relevant. They move naturally to the identification of potential outcomes, risks to and opportunities for the business; and all action plans and tasks. All this can become part of the process to bring the volume and complexities under control.

    C2P Regulation Relevance

    Confidence from Top to Bottom

    Our clients then use effective dashboards and reporting tools to give everyone, including senior management and even the board, the confidence that everything is under control.

    Improved team morale results from clearly assigned roles and responsibilities, and tailored features to align with your workflows and recognition for jobs visibly well done.

    Your Compliance Questions Answered

    Our regulatory compliance experts assess and distill global regulations and standards across a wide range of policy areas, so you can better understand your regulatory requirements.

    Our clients get premier access both to our own team of experts and our growing partner network of experts around the world. These experts often come highly recommended by our clients, who then benefit from our curation of their content.

    Included is access to our C2P library containing 60,000 regulations, standards and key documents (with English language summaries). 

    C2P Library

    Increase Sales
    Proactively plan for and respond to the evolving compliance landscape, by knowing what regulatory changes are due and also proposed changes.

    Manage your risk, protect your brand, and strategically develop your products and markets with the right information, compliance management tools and integrated internal processes.