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Environmental, Health & Safety and Your Legal Registers

Taking control of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance

  • Is regulatory monitoring and management putting too many demands on your time and resources?
  • Are you confident your global teams have the support needed to maintain up-to-date EH&S site registries?
  • Are you seeking to coordinate audits and other activities across multiple sites?

Companies face the constant challenge of staying on top of changes to EH&S regulations in both developed and emerging markets. Our C2P EH&S legal register service researches and monitors relevant regulations globally. As well, it provides an innovative knowledge management platform, helping you manage regulatory obligations specific to each of your worldwide sites, and manage audit trails.

We save you time and add value through the strength of our highly structured compliance information, and support via our EH&S subject matter experts.

Other benefits:

  • Monitor and manage regulatory obligations specific to each of your worldwide sites with one simple platform
  • Communicate easily with clear and concise information shared across all sites
  • Capture corporate memory in one place
  • Global view of relevant, up-to-date regulations
  • No need to install or maintain any software
  • Implemented to suit organization’s needs

Example of Customized Legal Register

Our services:

Research and Monitoring

  • Our team of legal experts will keep you informed in real time of proposed EH&S regulations impacting each of your sites worldwide  
  • The service will help you meet your commitments under ISO14001 or OHSAS18001


  • Direct and manage your organization’s EH&S regulatory and voluntary requirements impacting activities around the world from one platform
  • Legal registers for each site are hosted on a secure server
  • Collaborate with international colleagues and give access to information that directly impacts their activities and location
  • Benefit from a dedicated platform to manage evolving requirements and a customized process to track and monitor risks arising from compliance events

Record & Report

  • Record discussions and decisions around risk and opportunity, including levels of risk and opportunity, issues, action plans and tasks
  • Safely store documents and control the audit process
  • Maintain and manage documentation such as audit protocols, inspection logs and audit reports

Ask our Experts

  • Your subscription gives premium access to our global team of regulatory experts. Ask questions and receive answers on EH&S topics


Find out how you can maintain your Global EH&S Legal Register and stay on top of constantly changing regulations!