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Grow in New Markets

Guaranteed market entry - Know how to be 100% compliant

Care about increased revenues? Want to discover all markets where you can legally sell your products? Manufacturing, importing or selling new products? Entering new countries or regions? Want to ensure that access to markets is not needlessly held up because of failure to meet legal and other requirements, with all the added costs and hassle?  Need to understand regulations outside your current expertise?

Our Market Access service supports clients in understanding their compliance obligations globally by transforming regulations into actionable knowledge.

We offer customized research on compliance requirements, structured to meet each client’s unique compliance needs and covering all countries, products and topics. It is designed to help companies meet existing requirements and stay ahead of any likely to be adopted.

As part of the Market Access service, clients receive premier access to the Compliance & Risks panel of regulatory experts, including our network of knowledge partners and industry associations.

With extensive experience supporting the world’s largest brands and their supply chain partners, we help you:

  • assess the potential impact of proposed legislation
  • consider new products and/or new markets
  • compare and contrast obligations in multiple jurisdictions
  • create and maintain a global “compliance strategy”

Sample Market Access Projects

  • Snapshots of requirements for products such as appliances, audio/video equipment, home electronics, apparel, footwear, home textiles, furniture, lamps and toys in multiple countries
  • Monthly and quarterly compliance updates on proposed, enacted and amended requirements, such as energy efficiency, REACH, RoHS and WEEE
  • Profiles of individual jurisdiction approaches to EMC, energy efficiency and electrical safety, take-back and waste
  • Comparison charts of labeling, restricted substances and safety requirements across countries
  • Restricted substance lists (RSLs), addressing restrictions and prohibitions on chemicals in products such as textiles, leather and electrical and electronics products, globally
  • Test protocols, listing requirements for specific products in specific countries line-by-line, for use by retailers, manufacturers and their testing partners


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