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  • Requirements Management

    Ensuring your organization meets the challenge of new requirements

    Identifying regulations and standards is only the start of the story for compliance professionals.

    Managing compliance requirements effectively has always been challenging. Manuals and guidelines are often static, require regular updating and can be overwhelming to maintain. As a result they may not be aligned to the current needs of product engineering.

    C2P offers a requirements management platform to help you capture, analyze and manage all requirements impacting your products and sites. It’s live-linked’ to regulations and other sources, alerting you to any proposed amendments.

    Our platform allows you to build customized sets of requirements, readily accessible to any or all of your sales territories. If a country raises their regulatory bar the impact is filtered against the requirement set, and any changes will be easily communicated to affected territories. 

    C2P requirements platform

    Ambitious, Strategic Thinking

    The question may be: is this requirement compulsory or voluntary, and in what time-frame? Companies face intersections between three fast moving targets: evolving products, evolving standards and regulations, and evolving voluntary requirements that are self-imposed for competitive advantage.

    Use of the C2P platform can provide signposting that either forces a direction (legal requirement) or suggests one (voluntary requirement). All departments, activities, collaborations and decisions can create and use these signposts to innovate and grow.

    With clear visibility on existing and pending requirements, compliance and product development teams can work closely on increasing market reach by looking at current product sets and assessing how these might perform in new markets.

    Questions from product groups can also be answered faster and more effectively than by having to rummage through disjointed systems and content.

    Leveraging Expertise

    The use of C2P to record information ensures corporate memory is preserved, and issues with information getting lost in email trails are eliminated. It also dramatically reduces the on-boarding time needed for new team members.

    In addition, users get direct access to the Compliance & Risks panel of subject matter experts, widely increasing the amount of expertise available to your team.