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  • Standards Management

    Standards and regulations together for better, faster compliance decisions

    Standards and regulations are inherently related and companies need to implement both to ensure full compliance. They have always been siloed in different applications, with no indication of how one relates to the other, and no easy way to navigate between them. Until now.

    Why Provide Standards and Regulations Together?

    To obtain a comprehensive understanding of their compliance requirements, organizations need to look at both regulations AND standards. The standards management module in C2P, in combination with the regulations management module, allows a single point of access to both. 

    Our collection of references to standards is designed to address the specific needs of our clients. Users will be able to receive customized alerts for their areas of interest. They will also be able to conduct searches, assess, tag, share and much more.

    What You Can Get With Standards in C2P

    • Email alerts of new standards added to C2P and updates to existing standards
    • One single search finds both regulations and standards
    • Contextual linking between regulations and standards
    • Relevance assessment tools
    • Option to purchase full-text standards via seamless connection to our partner
    • Connected to our requirements management module to reflect the impact of both regulations and standards

    Benefits of Standards in C2P


    • Our content team ensures standards are maintained and up to date
    • Users are alerted when standards are updated or newly added


    • Standards content complements regulations content
    • C2P provides all of this content on a single platform
    • References to standards can be managed through structured information (summaries, products, geographies, dates)


    • Standards and regulations are connected and tagged creating an intelligence layer that allows tracking of specific context (products, geographies)

    Cost Effective

    • Use of the C2P standards module enables the user to identify and purchase only the standards they require
    • Clear opportunity for large corporations to consolidate subscriptions

    Ask our Experts

    In addition, users can avail of direct access to our panel of Subject Matter Experts, widely increasing the expertise available to your team. This service offers premier access to our global regulatory compliance team and knowledge partner network, addressing questions about standards and regulations.