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  • Training and Systems Implementation

    Optimization for your organization - first your processes - then our tool

    At Compliance & Risks we believe your processes come before our tools. For our clients to get the best return on their investment and truly benefit from C2P we discuss this in detail, because only then can we deliver the proper system implementation and training.  

    With our program we ensure you:

    • Agree on a repeatable process
    • Get the most out of your investment
    • Meet corporate objectives
    • Make efficient use of resources

    Sample use of C2P in your compliance process

    1. Scope & plan

    • Review current compliance process
    • Decide what challenges need to be addressed
    • Establish what resources and responsibilities are in place
    • Map process scope, available resources and expertise
    • Define process goals

    As an integral part of this stage, we go through a detailed filtering process to ensure each team member is receiving the exact regulatory alerts they need to fulfil their responsibilities, without being overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

    2. Implementation


    • Internal communication – achieving buy in
    • Agree roles
    • Complete user training program

    System set-up

    • Customize filters
    • Business units / product sets / appropriate regulatory filters
    • Report templates
    • Appropriate visibility

    3. Follow-up

    • Process measurement against goals
    • Process audit
    • Recommend and implement improvements
    • Regular monitoring/reporting