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Two New SVHCs added to EU REACH Candidate List

EU REACH RegulationThe European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has announced that two new substance of very high concern (SVHCs)have been added to the EU REACH Candidate List.

A series of mixed alkyl diesters (EC 271-094-0, CAS 68515-51-5; EC 272-013-1, CAS 68648-93-1) has been added due to their reproductive toxicity properties where they contain ≥ 0.3% of dihexyl phthalate (EC No. 201-559-5). These substances are used as plasticisers and lubricants, including use in adhesives, coatings, building material, cable compounding, polymer foils and PVC compounds.

The other SVHC covers a group of substances with very persistent and very bioaccumulative properties and substances falling under this entry include “karanal”, which is used as a fragrance ingredient.

The Candidate List is a list of all SVHC substances which are candidates for inclusion in Annex XIV of REACH. These two additions bring the total on the list to 163 substances. Of those, 31 have subsequently been included in the Authorisation List.

Substances that are subject to authorization under REACH may not be manufactured or used in the EU unless the specific use has been authorized to a company that applies for authorization and has been authorized to do so. Authorization can be extended to an immediate supplier and to downstream users who source the chemical from this company. Note that authorization does not apply to substances in articles.

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