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US EPA Announces Launch of ENERGY STAR Computers Version 7.0

2000px-Energy_Star_logo.svgThe US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has announced the launch of ENERGY STAR® Computers Version 7.0 Development Process. The official launch letter and discussion guide outline key questions for stakeholders, an initial list of priority areas for this specification revision, and next steps in the revision process.

The following is a list of EPA’s priorities for the Version 7.0 revision:

  • Revise the energy requirements for all product types, including soliciting stakeholder feedback on the methodology used to determine the energy requirements
  • Introduce more aggressive power management and/or alternative low power mode requirements
  • Raise the internal power supply efficiency requirements
  • Evaluate the feasibility of an active state benchmark for Workstations based on the Linpack and SPECviewperf benchmark results collected in Version 6.0/6.1 certification
  • Consider scope amendments to add ultrathin clients, exclude small scale servers, and consider the classification of interactive displays

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