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Connecting the Dots – The International Product Safety Regulatory Landscape for the Internet of Things

As connected products continue to proliferate and products forming part of the Internet of Things increasingly become an integral part of our daily lives, regulators around the world are starting to question whether current regulatory regimes are adequate to protect consumer safety.

The policy developments that flow from this will be of critical importance for manufacturers of innovative products. It presents both opportunities, and risks.  Whilst on the one hand, sensible regulation, properly enforced, can provide important guidance on what are the acceptable standards of safety and performance, and can help keep rogue manufacturers from damaging the reputation of the industry, inappropriate or unexpected regulation can stifle innovation or, even worse, destroy the benefits of years of research and development.

This webinar, presented by speakers from one of the world’s leading law firms for new technologies, will help bring you up to speed on the current state of play, and give you invaluable insights into the policy developments that are starting to emerge around the world.

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