How to Demonstrate Compliance for All Products in All Markets

20 April

Managing product compliance effectively has always been challenging. The most critical question for compliance professionals is “Can I sell product X in market Y?”, and as product requirements evolve, “Can I continue to sell product X in market Y?

This webinar will show how C2P Product Compliance can help you achieve, maintain and demonstrate compliance for all products in all markets.

It will cover:

  • Requirement & Evidence Management: Procure, document and link all evidence records to relevant requirements to demonstrate compliance in a single tool
  • Product Compliance Specs: Identify if all relevant requirements and evidence are complete to achieve market access for a specific product
  • Impact Assessment Workflow: Keep on top of change and reduce the impact to redevelopment and product compliance

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Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Time: 08.00 PDT | 11.00 EDT | 17.00 CEST

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