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EMC Regulatory Requirements: What you need to know for the EU, Eurasia and Australia

While electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has been the subject of a longstanding EU Directive, it is now part of a much bigger picture of EMC regulation worldwide. At the same time, the Directive – and corresponding legislative guidance – has developed and evolved over the years.

This webinar will introduce and summarize the requirements of the current EU EMC Directive for businesses involved in the supply of electrical apparatus. In doing so, it will unpick the latest, March 2018 version of the European Commission’s Guide to the Directive. This has brought various changes that some businesses may be unaware of (e.g. defining criteria for exempt “custom built evaluation kits”).

The webinar will additionally “go global” and discuss how the regulation of EMC in the EU compares to its regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union and Australia. There are some key points of difference (e.g. in status of standards and conformity assessment procedures) and it is vital that these are known and understood for global market access.

On: Tuesday 29 May 2018

At: 8am PDT – 11am EDT – 4pm BST – show in my timezone


Presenter: Dr Alex Martin, Senior Regulatory Consultant, RINA Alex is a technical professional with over 10 years’ experience working on product regulation, standards and policy issues in the UK and internationally. The focus of this work has been largely environmental, covering the likes of batteries, biocidal products, ecodesign, energy labeling, packaging, REACH, RoHS, timber sustainability and WEEE. Alex is also knowledgeable on a range of EU and UK product safety and consumer protection legislation (e.g. GPSD, LVD, PPE, toy safety, textile and footwear materials, product liability and guarantees) and quality, environmental and social compliance management standards.

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