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    Material Declarations to Collect Supplier Data for the EU WFD SVHC in Articles (SCIP) Database

    10 Dec 2019

    Starting January 5, 2021, manufacturers and other economic operators will need to submit information into the SCIP database if a product contains one or more SVHCs. Given that SVHCs are still necessary in many types of products, including electronics, aerospace, and automotive, this will be a real challenge for those industries.

    All of the major material declaration standards that are used globally are undergoing updates to address the new requirements. The IEC 62474 and IPC-1754 standards were both developed to comprehensively support EU REACH compliance and they already support 80% of the information for the SCIP database. ECHA has mandated some additional data fields that haven’t been typically communicated through supply chains and these standards will see minor updates over the next few months to communicate this information in a simple and clear manner. Manufacturers, suppliers, and solution providers need to be prepared for these changes. This webinar discusses how manufacturers can collect and use supply chain data in preparing their submissions to the ECHA SVHC in Articles (SCIP) database.

    The webinar covers:

    • An overview of the SCIP data fields, focusing on the mandatory fields
    • Updates to material declaration standards to address information needed from suppliers
    • Mapping supply chain data to the SCIP database


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