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North America’s First Circular Economy WEEE Law – Strategies for Compliance

North America’s first Circular Economy WEEE law has been passed in Ontario, which is set to fundamentally change end-of-life obligations for the electronics industry. Producers and importers of all electrical and electronic equipment sold in Ontario will be obliged to divert e-waste from landfills through recycling operations – an obligation formerly managed by government.

As contemplated under the regulations, compliance with these new obligations will most effectively be accomplished through a third party “Producer Responsibility Organization” (PRO) to manage the process for affected industries

In this webinar, Baker McKenzie lawyer and head of their environmental practice group, Jonathan Cocker, will discuss the legal obligations associated with this new law, the business risks they pose, and how PRO’s can help electronics brands to comply with their e-waste obligations in the new circular economy.

Published: April 2018