RoHS in 2019: Looking Ahead at an Increasingly Demanding Standard

December 11th 2018

From the European Union’s (EU) declaration that hazardous material needs to be tackled upstream to support a Circular Economy, to the release of the Pack 15, 2018 has seen steady evolution in EU RoHS regulation. Elsewhere, South America’s largest market, Brazil, has been sending clear signals that the adoption of an EU-derived standard there is imminent.

RoHS is becoming the mainstay of hazardous substance regulation in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), and a further tightening of its control on markets is a certainty for 2019.

This webinar will explore the specific changes to the shape of the RoHS landscape expected in 2019, and highlight the resulting adaptation which will be necessary for those operating within the electronics sector.

Presenter: Joyce Costello, Senior Global Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Compliance & Risks

Joyce Costello is Senior Global Regulatory Consultant with Compliance & Risks. She keeps clients up to date on global RoHS legislative developments, as well as covering Food Contact Materials and Product Safety. Fluent in French, Joyce also has a Master of Laws (LLM) from University College Cork.

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