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    Staying on Top of Sports and Textiles Labelling Requirements

    06 June 2018

    An Interactive Demo of the Compliant Labelling Requirements Database

    Are you responsible for generating compliance labelling requirements for products and their packaging across these categories?

    • Apparel & Textiles
    • Footwear
    • Consumer electronics (wearables)
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Sporting equipment
    • Bikes

    This webinar will demonstrate how you can get the most up-to-date actionable information on global labelling requirements using the WFSGI Compliant Labelling Requirements (CLR) Database. Learn how you can search and report on requirements by country and product. With this intelligence your company can avoid potential costly re-work, stop ships, product recalls, and ultimately revenue and brand damage.

    Find out how you can:
    • Gain significant economies of scale with time and cost savings
    • Search and report on requirements by country and product
    • Easily access Subject Matter Experts

    The CLR Database is an initiative between the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and Compliance & Risks.

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