Circular by Design: Recent Developments in EU Ecodesign & Energy Labelling Package

Legislators in the EU are now in the process of approving a number of product-specific ecodesign and energy labelling measures, delivering on their commitment to the ecodesign and energy labelling package launched as part of its circularity target in 2016. With work on the package now in its final stages, the future of more energy savings and repairable products is beginning to take a real shape.

This white paper looks at recent developments where changes have occurred in respect of certain product groups during 2018. It also includes a synopsis of the nature of the regulatory changes identified per product group.

Author: Joyce Costello, Senior Global Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Compliance & Risks

Joyce is a Senior Global Regulatory Consultant with Compliance & Risks. She keeps clients up to date on global RoHS legislative developments, as well as covering Product Safety. Fluent in French, Joyce also has a Master of Laws (LLM) from University College Cork.

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