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    A Comparative Review of Biocidal Legislation in the EU, US and Canada

    Biocidal legislation is well established in the European Union, United States and Canada, and we are seeing more major markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China adopting their own biocide regulations.

    Treated articles are items that have been manufactured with a specific type of biocide to protect the item from staining, bad odors, or premature material degradation caused by microbial or bacterial growth. Treated articles include a wide variety of consumer products, such as clothes, toys, kitchen utensils, bedding and computer products, as well as a wide variety of plastic products.

    This paper focuses on biocidal regulations impacting consumer and domestic goods that have been manufactured with some type of biocide. It also compares and contrasts how these treated articles are regulated in the EU, US and Canada.

    For more information on biocidal legislation, why not view our free webinar on demand ‘Biocides and Consumer Products: Reviewing Treated Articles in the EU, US and Canada’.

    Author: Jerry Miller, Senior Regulatory Consultant

    Jerry is a Senior Regulatory Consultant with 20 years experience in regulatory and standards interpretation, spanning the fields of consumer products and environmental investigation.

    At Compliance & Risks, Jerry performs international research and database creation for clients and acts as a subject matter expert on various laws and standards.

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