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IoT and the World of Product Compliance (eBook)

At both a regulatory and a policy level, there is currently very active discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT). While there is no universal definition of what IoT is, the OECD has proposed one: “IoT refers to an ecosystem in which applications and services are driven by data collected from devices that sense and interface with the physical world”. While we don’t have an established definition of IoT, we do know that it is everywhere.

This eBook will provide you with a high level overview of recent regulatory changes, and proposed legislation, in relation to IoT on an international basis. Developments related to IoT will be analyzed using three broad categories:

  • Data protection
  • Consumer protection
  • Wireless

This combination of coverage enables companies to develop innovative IoT products, confident in the knowledge that they are compliant no matter what market they are in.

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