Regulatory Developments in the GCC Region

The aim of this paper is to give an overview of key regulatory developments that took place in 2018 in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. It offers an overview of key legislation, enacted or proposed, so that manufacturers and importers may take necessary steps to comply with the obligations and requirements imposed at both a GSO level and individual GCC member state level.

The GCC Standardisation Organisation (GSO) adopted its Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 with the aim of improving and unifying various standardization activities in light of best international practices in order to improve the protection of consumers, the environment and public health. The GCC is making good progress towards realizing its Plan and this paper looks at the recent developments.

2018 was an active year in the GCC region, particularly with regard to Saudi Arabia. Energy efficiency and product safety were the main focus of legislative activity in the GCC and it is likely that 2019 will be the same. In addition, proposals by the Kuwaiti Government in October recommending a unification of energy efficiency programs in the GCC, as well as testing and measurement methods for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, may result in further developments in this area.

About the Author

Talal Hamchou is a Regulatory Compliance Specialist with Compliance & Risks, specializing in regulatory developments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. He keeps clients up to date on areas including REACH, RoHS, WEEE, energy labeling, energy efficiency, packaging, product safety, EMC, climate change, environmental health and safety, occupational health and safety and Brexit. Talal has a Masters in Law (State and Public Law) from the Free University of Brussels. Talal speaks Arabic, Dutch and English.

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