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Our global team of SME’s, with expertise across a diverse range of products, geographies and policy areas, collaborate with our Knowledge Partners to address questions about laws and regulations including purpose, applicability, requirements highlights and more.

Ask our Experts

We’re experts at answering compliance questions. Why don’t you ask us yours and we’d be delighted to answer it for free.*

Sample questions

  • Which version of the “wheeled bin” is appropriate for the new WEEE Directive?
  • Is Thailand’s TIS 7662552, Textile care labeling code, using symbols identical to ISO 3758?
  • When do the new Russian energy labels for washing machines take force?
  • Are my batteries covered by Illinois’ Mercury-Added Product Prohibition Act?’

* Your question will be answered free of charge if we can research it within 30 minutes. If it will take longer, our team will provide you with a quote. This service is provided to commercial enterprises only.

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