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Our comprehensive regulatory content is customized for your specific needs, with live linked data to keep you in control of your compliance obligations.

Managing sector specific regulatory challenges requires a sector-centric solution, helping you stay in control of your current and upcoming compliance obligations.

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We have the most comprehensive global coverage of Regulations & Standards covering the full product lifecycle from raw materials through to end of life.

  • All topics updated on a daily basis
  • Compliance news & alerts, requirements types, topics, materials & substances, products covered, key dates, deadlines, exceptions & exemptions
  • Commentary from regional experts in the Americas, EMEA & Asia

industry solutions

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Consumer Electronics

Product compliance for apparel companies from Compliance and Risks


Coffee machine capsules

Household Appliances

Blog post Medical Devices 101: Your Questions, Our Expertly Crafted Answers on Medical Device Regulations

Medical Devices

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Textile Manufacturing

Professional Gardener Using Hedge Trimmer Power Tool

Power Tools & Garden Machinery

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Leisure & Sporting Equipment

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Home Furnishings

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General & Online Retailers

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