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Easing Regulatory Challenges

for the Textile Industry

Closer scrutiny of substances such as PFAS and PIP 3:1 together with the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles, Mandatory Digital Labelling of footwear and new standards on the safety requirements for footwear in China are all impacting the industry at large.

We help you manage and implement legislative challenges with a solution that helps monitor changes as they arise, assess their relevance and then manage the evidence to prove compliance.

C2P is the most comprehensive, enterprise level solution for the Fashion, Apparel and Textiles industry.

In Numbers

Apparel Compliance


Growth in regulations over the past 5 years


in force and proposed regulations across the sector


countries monitored

Packaging Labelling Legislation in Europe: A 2023 Regulatory Update

Labeling Requirements for Clothing Manufacturers

  • For substances such as PFAS and PIP 3:1

Footwear Safety Standards

  • Mandatory Digital Labeling
  • New standards on the safety requirements for footwear in China

Regulations for the Luxury Fashion Industry

  • EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles

All in one place

With C2P’s efficient workflows and alert tools, you are safe in the knowledge that Regulations and Standards are tracked, responsibilities are allocated and actioned, Requirements are kept up to date and Evidence is saved all in one place.

Top 10 Regulatory Content

Summary overview of the regulatory content that matters to your business

WFSGI Labeling Requirements

The WFSGI Compliance Labelling Requirements Database provides actionable information on labelling requirements for the sporting goods industry, allowing you to search and report on up-to date labelling requirements by country.

  • Daily email alerts on proposed, in-force and no longer in force Labelling Regulations & Standards
  • Labelling Requirements for both the product itself &its packaging
  • Product categories covered include Apparel & Textile, Footwear, Personal Protective Equipment, Sporting Equipment & Bicycles
  • Requirements covered include Claims, Conformity Marks, Country of Origin, Ecolabels, Instructions & more

Why Choose Compliance & Risks?

  • Easily Navigate Through Global Regulations
  • Stay Ahead on Proposed Regulations
  • Collect Evidence and Demonstrate Compliance
Why choose Compliance and Risks

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