Regulatory Compliance Management Solution

An unprecedented volume of regulation is putting enormous pressure on compliance teams everywhere. The more ambitious the company, the greater the pressure and the higher the risks of missing something important. The need for timely, comprehensive and accurate regulatory information impacting your products is greater than ever before.

C2P Regulations Management

Protect your organization and control risk with C2P’s Regulations Management solution. Our enterprise ready SaaS solution monitors all relevant regulations around the world, and helps you manage the impact of regulatory changes on your business and products with built in tools to manage the impact of regulatory changes all the way through to product compliance. Our curated, restructured regulatory content, workflow, analytics and reporting tools work seamlessly to help you achieve uninterrupted market access.

The world’s most comprehensive Regulatory Database

  • Access to 95,000+ Regulations & Standards
  • Generate regulatory reports impacting specific products or markets in a few clicks

Data Visualization & Insights

  • Dashboards on progress, heat-maps covering impact of changed regulation, and trending charts showing the regulation growth affecting your products 
  • Keep your organization up to date on progress, show the business the volume and risk of changing regulations

Customized Daily Alerts

  • Tailored to your Products & Markets, covering proposed, new and changed regulation
  • Early warning, no surprises, saving time and costs from missed obligations

Stay ahead of Regulatory Changes with our Probability Analysis tool

  • AI powered algorithm predicting the likelihood of proposed regulations to be enacted (96% accuracy)
  • Getting ahead of the game, begin implementing changes early, before a regulation is approved, reducing costs and lead times

Ask our Experts

  • In platform access to our expert regulatory compliance team, available to answer your questions on regulations, including purpose, applicability, products in scope, or reach out to the regulator on your behalf
  • Save time for your team in researching, get the right answer first time

Productivity Tools

  • Built in tools to help your team manage a changed regulation from alert right through to recording impact and task management throughout the organization
  • Corporate memory – never lose sight of decisions, your whole team working in one place
The challenge of product compliance for eCommerce companies

Your Global Regulatory Intelligence in One Place

  • Automate Regulatory Compliance Reports
  • Track Standards from all around the globe
  • Keep an Eye on Global Requirements
  • Collect Evidence and Prove Compliance

Why Compliance & Risks?

Without Us
  • Manually monitor hundreds of sources of information
  • Increased chance of human error & poor corporate memory
  • No specified place to store decision making 
  • Risk of finding out about changes too late to impact product design
  • Risk of missed changes impacting revenue and brand damage
With Us
  • Single platform for all regulation monitoring, capture every change and its impact on business
  • Proactive alerts allow you to plan in advance
  • Reducing costs and lead times and impact to products in market
  • No missed regulations means your team focus on positively impacting business instead of reacting to finding out about a change after the product is in the market

Want to See It In Action?

Our demo team can show you how this would work for you and your team. Get in touch now and see C2P in detail.