Standards Management

Standards and Regulations are closely related and organizations need to manage both to ensure uninterrupted market access.

Historically kept in siloed data applications, with no indication of how one relates to the other, and no easy way to navigate between them, controlling the impact on products and markets has been exceptionally difficult.

C2P Standards

C2P is the only global market access platform that contextually links both Regulations & Standards together in one powerful, enterprise ready application. With access to the most relevant Standards for your products, integrated with the Regulations that reference them, we alert you of new and changing Standards allowing you to assess their relevance and manage the impact throughout your organization.

Customized Standards Alerts

  • Daily alerts with references to Standards that apply to relevant products, topics and countries
  • All linked to the relevant regulations

Product Assessments

  • Mark Standards where relevant, link to your product hierarchy and assign tasks to team members to action what’s required for your business

Full Product Standards Details

  • Linked previews of Standards provided directly from the publisher with links to purchase Standards in their entirety

Standards & Requirements In Sync

  • Automated alerts when your products’ compliance status changes due to updated Standards, or when new potentially applicable Standards arise

Standards Research

  • Everything you need in one place
  • Search by text, Publisher, Geography, Status, Product Categories and Requirement type
  • You can also search by your own marks, your tagged products, your tagged organizations, the team members you have made responsible and more

Why Compliance & Risks?

Without Us
  • Manual scanning of multiple, disparate sources for potential Standards that are changing or being created
  • Trying to figure out which might be of impact to your products and never being completely sure if you are missing something that could render your products non-compliant
  • Disjointed data silos due to different systems with Product Compliance documentation
With Us
  • Access to the list of Standards relevant to your Product Hierarchy
  • Understand and track what decisions were made, when and by whom, as you take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with both Regulations and Standards
  • Regulations, Standards, Requirements & Evidence seamlessly connected allowing you to easily manage the impact of changes to Regulations and Standards 

Want to See It In Action?

Our demo team can show you how this would work for you and your team. Get in touch now and see C2P in detail.