Compliance Requirements Management Solution

Identifying relevant Regulations and Standards is only the beginning of the story for the compliance team.

Managing Compliance Requirements effectively has always been challenging. Manuals and guidelines are often static, require regular updating and can be overwhelming to maintain. The result? A disjointed, sometimes, misaligned compliance process working against the needs of product engineering.

C2P Requirements Management

C2P offers a Requirements Management solution that helps you capture, analyze and manage all Requirements impacting your products and markets. With live-links’ to Regulations, Standards and Evidence, you can rest safe in the knowledge you are in control of market access. With clear visibility on existing Requirements, your compliance and product development teams can work closely together on increasing market reach by looking at current product sets and assessing how these might perform in new markets.

Product Compliance Specs

  • Create ‘live’ Specs for each product to highlight the relevant requirements that need to be actioned
  • Improve team collaboration when sharing initial compliance requirements for new product design

Requirement to Review Alerts

  • Get daily alerts on which requirements need to be reviewed based on changing regulations and standards
  • Help focus your SME’s work by calling out the specific requirements they need to review rather than a regulation

Ask our Experts

  • See all relevant Ask Our Expert activity on each requirement
  • Clear audit trail on all activity that influenced the requirement content.

New & Updated Requirement Alerts

  • Watching a Spec will ensure you get updates to all new and updated requirements in that Spec
  • Improve the collaboration on new requirements or updates to requirements with relevant product engineers

End-to-End Regulatory Compliance Solution

Why choose Compliance and Risks
  • Manage Your Compliance Requirements in One Place
  • Effectively Assess Compliance Risk
  • Keep Up with Regulatory Changes

Why Compliance & Risks?

Without Us
  • Disjointed data silos with product requirements in multiple tools and locations 
  • Difficult to maintain as regulations change, a lot of work to find the relevant requirements
  • Difficult for the product engineer to know the latest requirements as the various documents get updated when regulations or standards change
With Us
  • All in one platform with single location for all product compliance requirements
  • Effortless maintenance of the entire requirement library
  • Fast and effective collaboration between SMEs on requirements to ensure a consistent standard or with Product Engineers when sharing requirements (new, updated etc)

Want to See It In Action?

Our demo team can show you how this would work for you and your team. Get in touch now and see C2P in detail.