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Compliance Solutions for the Automotive Industry


What Automotive Manufacturers
Need to Know

Technology is rapidly changing the industry, driving the key automotive electronics trends of autonomous driving, connectivity and electrification. 

These trends are leading to:

  • More sophisticated electronics: components and systems with more features and functionalities
  • Greater complexity: more sophisticated technologies and systems
  • Increasing security needs: growing concerns around data protection and cybersecurity

Automotive regulations and standards play a critical role in influencing the design of automotive electronic systems and the safety features included.

The growing complexity that electronics brings to the automotive industry inevitably comes with a set of risks, and legal requirements are becoming increasingly rigorous as a result.

We are seeing more and more regulations and standards related to:

  • Vehicle Safety – general, active and passive safety
  • Road Safety
  • Cybersecurity
  • Environmental Safety

C2P is the most comprehensive, enterprise level solution for the automotive industry.

In Numbers

Automotive Compliance


Growth in regulations over the past 5 years


in force and proposed regulations across the sector


countries monitored

ESG: Climate Disclosures
ESG: Climate Disclosures
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C2P covers the regulations and standards that establish requirements for:

  • Type Approval / Certificate of Conformity
  • Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Motor Vehicle Homologation
  • End-of-Life Vehicle Decommissioning Requirement

We also cover:

  • General vehicle laws and regulations
  • Vehicles with <4 wheels, quadricycles and off-road vehicles
  • Vehicle automation
  • Vehicle electronic components
  • Brakes
  • Vehicle batteries

All in one place

With C2P’s efficient workflows and alert tools, you are safe in the knowledge that Regulations and Standards are tracked, responsibilities are allocated and actioned, Requirements are kept up to date and Evidence is saved all in one place.

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