C2P: Your Complete Market Access &
Product Compliance Solution

Uninterrupted Market Access

Gain and maintain market access worldwide with a smarter way of managing product compliance. A powerful, comprehensive, enterprise solution built in the cloud, that’s easy to use and unrivalled in the market.

The Old Way

The true cost of outdated product compliance processes is more than just fines & penalties.

  • Manually checking thousands of products worldwide
  • Large, unmanageable spreadsheets to keep track of changes
  • Disjointed processes & data siloes with ‘dumb’ documents
  • Redesigning and retesting products
  • Stop-ship in the field and rework on the production line

Greater ROI for the
Compliance Team

  • C2P Product Compliance Solution provides daily alerts on what’s of most relevance to you
  • Regulations, Standards, Requirements & Evidence all live linked to alert you of any potential compliance risks
  • Boosted productivity with automated workflows and a single source of truth
  • Product Compliance becomes strategic enabler of revenue & sales


The key to unlocking market access

Design & build new products with full confidence you’ve met all compliance obligations. Continually monitor regulatory changes around the world & keep ahead of proposed changes before they happen. Keep all compliance evidence up to date & live linked back to their Regulations, Standards and Requirements.

Simplify your product compliance process with C2P.

5 Steps to Market
Access Success

Grow Market Share & Revenue

Never be hit by unexpected regulatory changes again.

Monitor your products, markets & topics of interest, assess their relevance to your business & keep all compliance evidence live linked to ensure compliance obligations never get in the way of sales again.


How do I monitor effectively and ensure we don’t miss any regulation changes?


How do I assess whether it impacts our business and products


How do I prove we are compliant?


Customer Experience

Don’t just take our word for it

Is your regulatory compliance process optimized for success?

Provide reliable legislative information, insights and actions through C2P.