Evidence Management

In order to ship or sell in multiple markets around the world, an easily accessible solution is needed to store and manage evidence of compliance. Often scattered throughout the organization’s departments and systems, and regularly critical documents are missing or out of date. The ensuing chaos is no longer acceptable when a fast and clear answer is expected to the question – can we ship product ‘X’ to market ‘Y’?

C2P Evidence

With C2P you can finally join all the compliance dots for the first time ever in an end to end market access and product compliance solution. Link your Evidence back to Product Requirements and all informing Regulations, Standards, Customer and other Requirements with automated alerts helping you manage by exception and keep on top of your ever changing compliance obligations.

Single Evidence Creation & Maintenance Solution

  • Store and manage all Evidence documentation needed to prove compliance
  • A single solution where all Evidence is linked to relevant requirements provides an effective way to ensure all Evidence documentation is in place & up to date

Product Compliance Specs

  • See the specific Evidence needs for each product in your portfolio
  • See if Evidence is up to date and the product is compliant for market access

Compliance Evidence Expiration Management

  • View and filter the Evidence library on which documents are expiring and when
  • Help get early insights into expiring Evidence to ensure the renewed Evidence is planned for, budgeted and procured from the lab in time to avoid periods of non compliance or risk to market access

Sharing Evidence

  • An easy and fast way to respond to requests to prove product compliance for any country in the world

Why Compliance & Risks?

Without Us
  • Disjointed product compliance processes
  • Evidence captured in shared drives and data silos across the organization
  • No link to Requirements making it hard to know which Evidence needs to be updated and when
  • No product view on whether Evidence is current and in place to achieve market access
With Us
  • Effective evidence management managed in a single purpose built tool
  • Easily identify missing gaps in evidence for market access
  • Organizations easily understand the compliance status of their products

Want to See It In Action?

Our demo team can show you how this would work for you and your team. Get in touch now and see C2P in detail.