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C2P – Your Corporate Compliance Platform

A comprehensive SaaS platform built to grow with the needs of a modern compliance team.

Solutions Tailored For All Your Compliance Needs

Platform Benefits

Robust backup, stringent security measures, seamless compliance access.

Digitize compliance, build corporate memory.

Boost efficiency, ditch firefighting, and focus on strategic initiatives.

Expert insights on regulations for cost-effective compliance planning.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands


What is C2P Platform?

C2P is a corporate compliance platform, built by Compliance & Risks.

C2P, short for “Compliance-to-Product”, is a cloud-based enterprise-ready corporate compliance platform. A complete market access solution, acting as a single source of compliance truth, C2P Platform is built to enable Product Compliance teams to unlock global market access in a world increasingly focused on sustainability. Read more here.

What solutions are available on C2P Platform?

C2P Platform hosts 2 of our salient solutions.
1. Product Compliance Solution
2. ESG Solution

All the regulatory insights & research available via these two solutions are backed by our expert team at Compliance & Risks.

What regulations are available on C2P Platform?

C2P Platform hosts the most comprehensive regulatory database and is the reason for our unique market position.
C2P offers regulatory content across 45 content areas and 10 industries with coverage across 198 countries. Customers regularly refer to the depth and breadth of our regulatory content as being unmatched in the market.

Is there a trial version of C2P for me to checkout?

Yes, please reach out to us to know more. Alternatively, you can watch a quick demo of our solutions here.

Can I map my compliance evidence on C2P Platform?

Yes, C2P allows you to map evidence documents to your compliance requirements live linked to regulations. You can even set alerts to be notified when a certain evidence document is going to expire so can act on it ahead in time.

Does C2P Platform use AI?

Our Approval Probability algorithm allows C2P to predict the likelihood that proposed regulations will be approved. This enables C2P users to prioritize regulatory developments that are most urgent and assess the business impact earlier, without wasting time on regulations that may not be entered into force.
Talk to us to learn more about Approval Probability can help boost your compliance engine.

How frequently does C2P Platform alert me when regulations change?

C2P alerts you on a daily basis based on the filters you ask to be alerted on. Apart from in force regulatory changes, these alerts cover proposed regulations as well – which helps our customers stay on top of the dynamic nature of regulations efficiently.

Is C2P Platform able to integrate with other solutions used by a compliance team?

C2P can easily integrate with other systems to enable streamlined business processes for our customers.