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China to Combine RoHS Standards GB/T 26572 and SJ/T 11364 into Single Mandatory Standard

Jul 18, 2023 China to Combine RoHS Standards GB/T 26572 and SJ/T 11364 into Single Mandatory Standard

Current RoHS Standards

Under China’s RoHS regime, key standards GB/T 26572 and SJ/T 11364 are supporting or voluntary under the governing Administrative Measures (Order No. 32, 2016).

In practice however, they are often questioned by enterprises in the process of market supervision, who are of the view that the recommended standards cannot be enforced.

Requirements for Certain Restricted Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is now planning to draw the contents of the two standards together, creating one mandatory standard, to be officially titled 电器电子产品有害物质限制使用要求 / Requirements for certain restricted substances in electrical and electronic products.

Integration of the above two supporting standards, and placing them on a mandatory footing, would provide the basis for law enforcement by industry authorities, customs and other departments, and would strengthen the supervision of and implementation of the requirements of the Administrative Measures.

Scope and Application of the New Standard

The foreseen single standard would apply to electrical and electronic products sold within the territory of the People’s Republic of China, and specify:

  • The labeling requirements that such products should meet;
  • The requirements for the maximum allowable content of harmful substances in electrical and electronic products included in the Standard Compliance Management Catalogue.

At the same time, the standard would stipulate the compliance evaluation rules for electrical and electronic products.

In an Announcement made on 16 June 2023, the Ministry estimated that the project cycle would last 22 months.

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