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Costa Rica approves revised draft of producer responsibility law

Jun 03, 2020 Costa Rica approves revised draft of producer responsibility law

international-2690996_1920On 27 May 2020, the Costa Rican Special Permanent Environment Commission announced they have approved a substitute text on extended producer responsibility for the draft law No. 20.565 proposing to amend Articles 5, 6, 19, 35 and 52 and add a new Chapter VI to Title II of the Integral Waste management Act 2010.

The draft proposes to introduce extended producer responsibility for priority waste products (EEE, batteries, packaging, tyres, oils).

This new draft includes circular economy elements such as a manufacturer’s commitment for responsibility throughout a product’s entire life cycle. This would mean carrying out activities from the selection of materials and responsible design, through to final disposal of the product.

The draft establishes that the responsibility for the sustainable management of the product rests with the waste generator.

A national education program for comprehensive waste management is proposed to be implemented and responsibility for issuing national education policies will rest with the Higher Education Council.

The draft also introduces sanctions for infractions.

Finally, the draft proposes that consumers will be obligated to separate waste in respect of priority products and take-back these products to places designated by the municipalities.

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