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Russia Extends Deadline for Labeling of Footwear

Mar 05, 2020 Russia Extends Deadline for Labeling of Footwear

footwear-1838767_1280On the 3 March, the Government of the Russian Federation published Resolution No. 216 on the postponement of mandatory labeling requirements for footwear by manufacturers and retailers, for the state monitoring information system.

In order to provide businesses with enough time to implement the new labeling system, the Russian Government has extended the compliance deadline for product labeling from the 1 March 2020 to the 1 July 2020.

Therefore from the 1 July 2020;

  • manufacturers will no longer be able to import or manufacture unlabeled footwear
  • the wholesale and marketing of unlabeled footwear will be prohibited
  • manufacturers will be required to submit information on the production, import, wholesale and sale of products to the marking system

Manufacturers are authorized to import unlabeled goods purchased before the 1 July 2020, if they are marketed before the 1 August 2020.

Lastly, the labeling of shoe residues produced or acquired before the 1 July 2020 is authorized until the 1 September 2020, if the manufacturer holds documents confirming their date of acquisition.

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