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Joe Skulski Talks to Irish Examiner

Nov 19, 2020 Joe Skulski Talks to Irish Examiner

2033678_4_articlelarge_WomantradingstocksMay2020PictureiStock_1_Joe Skulski, CEO of Compliance & Risks, recently spoke with John Daly of the Irish Examiner. He discusses how COVID-19 and current political situations are having a direct impact on the growth of regulations.

Speaking about the regulatory developments resulting from COVID-19 across the globe, Joe commented, “There are many new regulations that deal directly with COVID-19, personal protective equipment, and cleaning agents,” he explains. “For example, many companies started to manufacture medical devices, hand sanitizers, and masks. We were in a position to help these companies with understanding what they needed to do to put the product on the market.”

Joe also discusses how the political environment can lead to increased regulatory activity. “Brexit and deregulation by the Trump administration means that the UK has to develop their own regulations as they exit the EU, and individual states in the United States develop their own regulations that have been rolled back by the US Federal Government.”

You can read the full article in the Irish Examiner here.