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Product Safety: China’s Certification and Quality Inspection Rules

May 25, 2021 Product Safety: China’s Certification and Quality Inspection Rules

Whitepaper Overview

As the world’s biggest manufacturing powerhouse, and one of the world’s largest markets, product quality has always been a major focus for legislatures and authorities in China.

This white paper will give a general overview of the product quality control system in China, with a focus on:

  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
  • Product Quality Inspections
  • Standardization Law and Product Standards
  • Future Trends

It will also cover developments in recent years and provide an insight for manufacturers into the changes in the product quality control system.


Amy Chen (Pei Yu Chen), Regulatory Consultant

Amy is a Regulatory Consultant with Compliance & Risks, specializing in consumer products compliance, focusing on China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

She helps product manufacturers to identify and understand the regulations in place in the markets to which they sell by helping them to map their obligations with regard to product safety (chemicals, EMC, radio frequency), labeling, energy efficiency, waste and packaging.

Amy is a native Chinese speaker and has a Master of International Commercial Laws from the University of Limerick, and a Bachelor of Law degree from University College Cork.